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Blue Star Commerce Co. (Soleimanifar Trading) with more than 35 years of experience in manufacturing and trading of glass and related machinery and large variety of domestic and foreign trade with various Asian and European countries has been able to play a very important role in expanding relations between the company To do. Among the activities of this collection is the import of the most advanced and up-to-date glass industry machinery from different countries of China, Italy and South Korea. This company is one of the largest collections in Iran that has been able to provide the glass machines with a very effective step in the development of this industry in Iran and the countries of the region, and has a specialist in the field of sales, installation and after sales services. The needs of all customers and activists in this industry have been up to date and have been able to supply and service more than 50 factories around parts of Iran and neighboring countries such as Iraq-Azerbaijan-Oman-Afghanistan. In addition, this complex has been able to construct and set up one of the largest manufacturing factories of glass construction in northwestern Iran, East Azarbaijan province. This collection has been expanded with two offices in Oman and two offices in Russia, with other countries in the world, such as Russia, Oman, Turkey, India, Kazakhstan, Germany, and more. The activities of the glass industry have brought more and more extensive business activities into their work schedule, including the extensive activities of exporting carpets to the countries of Oman and Russia, and the establishment of sales outlets there, the export of food, iron, Cement, glass and import of wheat from Russia and Kazakhstan, ice cream's wood, cars, cells Solar, Edible Oil, Petrochemical Products, Petrochemical, Bitumen and many other activities. The Blue Star Commerce Company, with its high import and export experience, has always opened its communications business with domestic and foreign trading companies and has always been happy to do its jobs and therefore, by taking over the business of several large overseas banks they have been able to take responsibility for their financial transactions, and each year they have an average of € 30 million in financial turnover with their various activities. It is hoped that the efforts of this complex will continue to grow in the future of business and communication between companies and countries.
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